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Accurately diagnosing eye diseases and vision problems is the first step toward correcting, treating, or managing them. Eye exams allow your optometrist to spot problems early and deal with them before they can impair your eyesight.

Since eye diseases don’t always have obvious symptoms, you won’t always know you have one without an eye doctor’s help. Pack & Bianes Optometry Eastlake can help you understand your eye health and vision needs, keep your prescription up to date, and provide you with new glasses or contact lenses.

Entrust your eye care needs to our experienced team. Please book your next exam with us now.

When Do Adults Need Eye Exams?

According to the American Optometric Association, adults should have comprehensive eye exams:

  • Once every year between ages 18 and 65.
  • At least once every year after age 65.

But some eyes need extra attention, so we might recommend coming in more often. You’ll get a custom exam schedule based on your needs once we’ve gotten to know your eyes.

During the Eye Exam

Your eye exam will probably take 30 to 60 minutes unless we need to run extra tests. If we plan to keep you longer, we’ll tell you ahead of time so you can be prepared.

Eye exams usually start with a discussion of your medical history (including family medical history and your history of taking medication). You’ll also be able to bring up any concerns you have about your eyes. Then we’ll perform some tests to learn about important factors, like:

We also record information about the general health of your eyes by looking closely at your:

If we find signs of eye diseases or vision problems, we’ll let you know immediately and recommend strategies for dealing with them. We’ll also update your prescription and help you find new eyeglasses or contact lenses if needed, and let you know when your next visit is.

Let’s Keep an Eye Out For Your Needs

Our team is ready to help you stay informed about your eye needs. Find out how to take the best possible care of your eyes by contacting us today.

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