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Deal with Eye Diseases While There’s Still Time

Nearly 1 in every 10 Americans has an eye disease that could cause blindness. Most vision lost to eye diseases can’t be reversed, but an eye doctor can often help preserve your sight if you get help early.

Regular eye exams from our team at Pack & Bianes Optometry Eastlake can detect eye diseases before they put your vision at risk. Let us find any eye problems you have, and recommend appropriate strategies for treating or managing them.

Common Eye Diseases & Their Symptoms


Many people experience cataracts when they are over 40 years old, but some risk factors (like diabetes) can cause them to develop earlier in life. Cataracts form when proteins inside your eye’s lens change and clump together, turning it cloudy. They can eventually obscure your vision entirely but can often be surgically removed by an ophthalmologist.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes optic nerve damage, often related to high intraocular pressure. It’s a leading cause of permanent blindness around the world.

Glaucoma usually develops slowly and without symptoms, but some forms can be acute and obvious eye emergencies.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common cause of vision loss for people over 50. AMD is characterized by deterioration of the macula, which is essential for central vision tasks like reading, driving, and recognizing faces.

Conjunctivitis is frequently called “pink eye” and stems from an inflammation of the membrane that covers the white of your eye. When this membrane becomes inflamed, it often turns pink or red.

There are numerous kinds of conjunctivitis, including:

  • Viral conjunctivitis: usually caused by the viruses that spread the common cold. Viral conjunctivitis often causes visual discomfort in bright conditions. Your eyes may also produce a green or yellow discharge.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis: often caused when you come into contact with dust, mold, or pollen. Allergic conjunctivitis isn’t contagious but may appear with cold-like symptoms—as well as watery, itchy, or burning eyes.
  • Bacterial conjunctivitis: a particularly contagious form spread by bacteria. You might notice a green or yellow discharge that forms in your eyes during sleep and solidifies before you wake up, temporarily gluing your eyes closed.
  • Chemical conjunctivitis: caused by chemicals that make contact with your eyes. Chemical conjunctivitis is not contagious, but it is considered an eye emergency. If your eyes have come in contact with chemicals (including smoke, fumes, and toxic liquids), contact your eye doctor now.

More than 15 million Americans are expected to have a diabetic eye disease like diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular edema by 2050. Living with diabetes also increases your risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts.

Find Help Fighting Eye Disease

Eye exams can uncover eye diseases in their early stages so your optometrist can take action to treat or manage them. Book your next eye exam by contacting our practice now.

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